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Is NYC making any new World Trade Center towers?

don't say "is this a real question" or "wow you're stupid" because i am only 13, and i was 3 when the Twin Towers crashed. I have been watching the History Channel all day and watching really upsetting shows on the WTC, but none of the shows are about the present and what they are doing with the building of a new tower(s). i have heard about the freedom tower, but I'm not so sure what it is all about, or if they are just making blueprints so i was wondering if anyone else could help out with telling me. thanks!!!

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    The New Trade Center Complex will consist of 6 new buildings,Tower,1,2,3,4,5, tower 7 is done. The Freedom tower is the lead building standing at 1,776 feet tall, the year of independence. All of the Trade Center buildings are under-construction. Tower 1, is 82, stories on its way to 104, Two and three world trade center are up to street level, four world trade center is 50 stories tall, on its way to 72. Five World Trade center groundbreaking began last week. Those blueprints are reality now my friend

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    Yes, several. There is obviously a small "park" and memorial area right where the towers stood, but there are several new towers being built around them in the Ground Zero area.

    The major one is the Freedom Tower, or WTC1, which will be taller than the Twin Towers were and will feature a unique side panel design. It's about halfway done being built now. There are several others as well that are planned:

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    They are actually creating a museum where the towers stood. You can find info on it at

    I made a tribute video for the 10 year anniversary. -

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    Yes. One is already built.

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