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GIRLS: What do you find attractive in a guy?

I'm 17 and a senior in high school, and I'm kind of shy, but I do my best to be a nice guy. However, the girls I have asked out to dances have rejected me each time, so I'm stumped. I'm not overweight or anything, so that's not the problem. So what do girls like in a guy - both with personality and physical appearance?

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    Okay don't let those girls get you down! I bet you're a great guy!

    Here is what I like:

    -guys with a great smile

    -guys who have a slim toned body

    -guys who aren't afraid to hug me and put their arm around me(turns me ON!)

    -a guy who can make me laugh

    -a guy who trusts me with everything and I can trust with everything

    -nice looking does help(:


    -blue eyes are a HUGE turn on for me!

    -a guy who texts me or calls me frequently

    -guys that has nice hair

    -confidence in himself is good in some cases unless the guy is cocky

    -gives compliments

    -calls me cute pet names (ex. babe, hun, baby)

    -eye contact is sexy(;

    -not afraid to stand up for me

    -shows that he loves to be with me

    Hope it helped!!<3 (:

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    9 years ago

    Obviously most girls are shallow enough to only care about looks in high school but some girls look for things like a good personality being friendly sweet and showing sensitivity

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    Honestly, no guy and that i do not care what they are saying. Would desire to be with a woman they do not discover beautiful. Now I'm now not announcing girl must be items or some thing like that. Just beautiful to their tastes. There are a few bizarre tastes, however tastes none the fewer. Yep thats approximately it.

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    I like a guy who can just be relaxed and who can have good conversations with me. I like it when we're silly but can also be serious. I like brown-eyed boys personally, and I like taller boys with a thin stature. I appreciate guys who are kind and who aren't cocky.

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    Personality: Nice, Funny, Out-going, Smart.

    Physical Appearance: Smells good, No acne, "Cool" Clothes (whatever that is at your school)

    If you need additional help/advice email me at Thanks!(:

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    Personality: Nice, funny, smart, honest, respectful

    Appearance: Tall, brown/hazel eyes, dark hair and he doesn't have to be super muscular, it'd be nice to have him be a little fit :)

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    you're asking the wrong question..

    everybody is different.

    you just haven't met the right people/ been in the right situation yet.

    teen years are hard, i know lol

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