what do i stay or leave.?

In the past few months I supposingly havnt been myself. I don’t clean up when I see stuff dirty. Im not around like I use to. I’m disrespectful. My aunt see’s me as her child I see her as my older sister. I believe I have a right to do what I want to do. I don’t have no kids I go to college. I have the right to live my life the way I want to live it. Its like I went from being controlled to being controlled again. I have always been a messy person but it seems lk when i got away from family it all changed .I wasn't stressed and could focus on me. I understand that its a level of respect that you are suppose to have for your family, but im almost 20 in six weeks. My aunt talks about how she don't want me and my bf to be taking a shower together but her and her gf does it and at least me and mine have the courtesy to have clothes on when we come out and not run to our room in our birthday suit. Or cursing infront of her but all you friends can do it especially one of her friends and mind basicly her friends are my age in there 20’s and she’s 32 . She always brings up something like well i did this for you and i took care of you and she cries i mean she is seriously bipolar and all i can do is admit that im wrong that way she will stop messing with me. She says i act lk my mom cause i only think about myself but one im a full time student about to transfer my refund was 1161 and I gave her 500 300 was for bills 200 was for play. I have no money I had to get foo cause ther was hardly nun in the house these past few months and monthly cards to get to school. After that no money for clothes cause all of them are holy and worn out she keeps complaining to me about how her son doesn’t have any clothes because she didn’t have money to buy them and I could take $1 just to buy dish detergent and I keep telling her I don't have money!!!!!! I have never been a family person and thats what she wants me to be but my grandma died and uncle my moms has never been polite and im like what ever at the fact of family. Im tired of going through the mama drama she has always been lk a older sister to me because i grew up with her. Yesterday she was like oh i took care of you and her son and this is how i treat her story. I feel like im wrong for just wanting to do what i want or if i don't want to be bothered with nobody but my bf its wrong because she never did that to me and really i just want to say i am not u she always trying to put me in her place like this is how i should feel. When she's mad she slams doors knowing people are sleep and i said i was gonna move to dorm she was like well you know you can't live on campus during the summer and if my mom was alive i would still be with her and its the point where she wants me to be just lk her but i am nothing lk her im not the cleaness person when it comes to picking up behind my self I was trying to go over my cousins house with her and she aid no you’re not adult. WOULD I BE WRONG FOR PACKING MY S**T AND LEAVING.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You're in a difficuolt situation, so be calm and try to decide very careful, cause its a decision with no turn back, and it only can be made by yourself.

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