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I need help with fish disease?

I recently had a fish pass away and it seems my other fish are sick it looks like either Ich, a fungal infection or a bacterial one. I was wondering if I could use all 3 treatments at the same time? I've tried narrowing it down but they seem to have multiple symptoms from all 3.

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    I could be wrong, but I don't believe you can. What's worse, is the infection(s) may spread. I would strongly advise the following: Take as good a pictures as you can of each of the fish and get along, as soon as possible, to your LFS (Local Fish Shop). Explain the circumstances there but also check your water parameters firstly. They can then provide advice based on what treatments they have in stock, rather than receiving a recommendation here for products that you can't get hold of in time. Hopefully its something simple to deal with and the fish all survive. All the best!

    Edit: In response to Animals comments, be sure to advise your LFS staff of what other fish you have in the tank. eg: Salt is not recommended for tanks with either Cories or live plants. Again, best wishes!

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    Do you mean White Spot? Fin Rot? E.t.c?

    Whatever diseases your fish had; has obviously spread to the other fish.

    Most fish die when they have diseases; they don't live a long time overall anyway.

    Adding salt to the water helpws.

    Adding all 3 treatments won't harm your fish-do it good if anything.

    I have treated my fish before for diseases and the treatment never seems to work.

    I have only ever had one fish; a shabunkin who has survived diseases. He wasn't healthy when i bought him; he was my first ever fish but i didn't care if he was the slowest out of the lot-i wanted him. He fought through lot's of diseases but unfortunately eventually died.

    I didn't give it any treatment and it recovered miracously on it's own which isn't likely to happen.

    i hope your fish will be ok.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Fish owner, Experience=)
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