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How to stop doing my ocd rituals on my own, any tips ?

I just keep thinking bad things will happen if I dont do them, like what im thinking.

Also does your ocd make you feel like you dont want to do anything and kind of turns you off doing things ?

Like if I dont say what im reading as many times as I think it needs to be said I feel something bad will happen like the person im thinking of will die, its just all those type of thoughts or people will hate me if I dont do them ya know ? Also like the world will end or ill go blind, theres more but ya get the drift. And I also feel that if I play a certain game on my xbox or ps3 that whatever im thinking will come true so then I cant play the game because of that, please help.

How do you cope with yours if you have them ?

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    i really used to have these like sam issues where i felt like if i didnt walk a certain amount of steps in a block of sidewalk or i didnt say a prayer enough times really bad things will happen but what you have to do is just know that its irrational and dont do it. like honestly think and know that playing a certain video game isnt gonna make someone get hurt or whatever and just try to ignore these feelings, it gets easier and easier when you ignore it and nothing ends up happening cause nothing will end up happening

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    The primary method of treating OCD is behavior and response prevention. This is fancy label for not doing a ritual, sitting with the anxiety until it dissipates, then examing the effects. The idea being you don't do a ritual, then you see that nothing bad has happened as a result. Do it enough, and in increasing difficulty, then your brain will eventually break the connection between rituals and bad events.

    Since this is essentially a matter of self control, it's difficult to by yourself. It's most beneficial to have somebody along with you to encourage you, which is where a professional is very helpful.

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    I think you'll outgrow these. Stop putting so much energy into them. Rituals only have as much power as you give them. They'll pass. Think about something else. It's ok to skip certain activities for now, if they upset you by having OCD rituals attached. Do them later. These days, there's a stupid tendency to overreact to phases people go through. With medication, therapy, etc. These can do more harm than good.

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    Oh hon, please get someone to help u with this. It ain't lookin good.

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