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Hi so recently my hairs is blondish but I want to dye it back to a brownish blonde color?

hi so my hair color is blondish but I want to dye it back to a carmel brown or a nice tone of brown. And I was lookng at the asian hair dye and liked some of the colors I saw , but don't know if it would work on my hair since I'm not asian,and I'm mexican. Was wondering if I can get any suggestions or color and brand dye?

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    You're in luck! Mexican hair has a very similar texture to Asian hair, and I'm sure if you used an Asian dye it would turn out looking fine. An awesome alternative would be Loreal Paris Feria (comes in a shiny box!) It conditions your hair really nicely, the only downside being that it can be a little unpredictable and is best for subtle hair color changes. Pretty much any hair dye would work, since you're blonde, but that's had the best results for me out of all the different dyes I've used! I hope this helps(:

    Source(s): Lots and lots of hair coloring.
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