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My best friend is dating my ex! pls I need a advice.?

This summer I went for vacations to houston. I live in miami florida. I only have 2 weeks here and the second week I give a call to my best friend to tell her how its going and that I miss her. She says she misses me too. After that I hung up and go to my facebook and I see pictures of my ex boyfriend with her kissing! I had been with him 4 months and then he broke up with me. The thing is I told her about my sex with him, how he kisses , almost everything. She said that she knew he was a lier and a cheater and that he really wasnt a good match for me. well after a month of that I met a boy which now he is my boyfriend, I love him dearly and all. But now that I see she is with him , I feel like she is not a real friend. I even called her and confront her about it. I told her she wasnt much of a friend or women. She cried over the phone and told me I was been jelous and that she was truly sorry that she felt in love. And then I told her why she has to wait that I am away for her to fall in love. She didnt answer and hang up. I am upset but I dont care she is my friend and I dont want the same thing to happen to her. I got a boyfriend and like I said I am not jelous. Now I am going back to miami in a week. I dont what to do any advice thanks.!

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    Well, if you and your boy are broken up, there should be no reason you should poke your business with him being with your best friend. But, let your best friend have a taste of that ex of yours, she'll know how much of a guy he really is. But you know, you can't control how people fall in love. So the best thing you can do is watch them or just ignore the fact your best friend is dating you ex while you spend another great relationship with your new boyfriend (:

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    I'm just gonna say it, your friend seems fake to me. My best friend of 14 years (not friends anymore) started dating my ex and never even told me, and I was okay with it until I found out that they're engaged. I cut all ties with her, and him. But if you can't do that maybe you can tell her how much it hurts/bothers you, or just get over it if you don't think their relationship is going to last.Just don't make any rash decisions that you'll eventually regret. Trust me. Boys come and go, but friends are rare.

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    You need find new boyfriend to hang out. Don't even turn on your best friend. If turned on your best friend. Might not get back.

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    damn that's crazy but overall i think what you wrote says it all...you said that you have a boyfriend already means you move on and that's good..as for your friend its true she not a true friend..all i could think of is you given her good advice if she wants to continue with your ex but i wouldn't re command to be best friends how you used to be...just friend as in passing by da hall way and just saying hi kind of friend..the past is the past and friends come and go..you learn a lesson not deal with that type of problems besides threes a lot of fishy and the sea ha ha:p same as friends:} hope you understant what i mean:)

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    forget about her

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