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i have a question about fish?

i want to get a fish tank but my brother says i shouldnt, he says that if the power goes out in the winter they would die. i dont now what to do what do you think. also do you think that putting the tank in a bookshelf is a good idea?


my tank is inside i am just afraid of the power going out beacause it normally does

Update 2:

im worried about the power because of heat

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    If you have tropical fish you will need a heater for your tank. And of course if the power goes out the heater will turn off. So if you know the power wouldn't be out for long or if you have a relatively warm house it will be ok.

    Also it depends on the size of your tank, a 25 gallon tank will weigh over 200 pounds alone. It would have to be an extremely sturdy and strong bookshelf.

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    If the power tends to go out for more than just a few hours at a time then you should think about getting a generator that will keep the tank running. Keeping the filter/heater running is very important...but the tank will be okay for a just a few hours.

    You have to think of the weight of the tank..a 5 gallon tank weighs about also need to think about how much room you will have to work with the tank if you put it on the must be able to easily reach into the tank etc...

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    A filter is recommended, but If it's likely that the power may go out, maybe get a fish that's fairly easy to care for, and you would just have to clean more often if the filter stopped working. Also putting in a bookshelf isn't the best idea, but it could probably make do. It would just be a bit dark/shady depending on your lighting situation.

    Good luck! =)

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    How often does your power go out? peoples power goes off all the time and fish survive, you plan for it like everything else. Or if your power tends to go out more than average, you could get cold water fish and a battery operated air pump for emergencies.

    my power was out for 3 days thanks to the hurricane, The fish were stressed, but they are ok now

    water weighs 8 pounds a gallon, add in decorations, tank weight, everything else, think 100 pounds a gallon. anything over a 10 gallon should have a special designed aquarium stand.

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    Im pretty sure u will be fine. i have a 75 gallon tank and i bought a small generator and it works out great. it will be fine.!

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    when winter comes its better to put your tank inside your house. and its ok to put your tank in the shelf as long as it does not spill

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