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What can I do with frozen pumpkin pie filling that is already cooked?

I attempted to make a pumpkin pie. After it came out of the oven I found that it was too sweet and had a horrible coloring, more like brown jello instead of that nice creamy orange color. I scraped it out of the burnt crust (yes that happened too) and froze it in tupperware. Ive tried looking up things I can do with it, but all Ive found is for filling that hasn't been cooked yet. Maybe a bread of some sort, the only thing I can think of is making pumpkin pie shakes.

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    I would make a mousse with it.Let the filling thaw out and fold in some(1/2 pint) heavy/whipping cream(whipped). The mousse can be put into individual teacups and topped with additional whipped cream.

    My pumpkin pies are always brown because of the molasses and brown sugar.

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    flaten some bisquets and smear it on em then roll em up and bake? mmm

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