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Anybody read this months issue of The Darwinian?

There is an interesting article of the devolution of the whales and walruses. Seems the two have leg bones in their fins. It goes on to say that these two were once sea creatures who came from the ocean to become land animals who have devolved into water mammals. They are still searching for evidence in the fossil record for the elusive whaleasaurus.

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    Walrus have complete skeleton, with attached fore (arms) and hind (legs) appendages havng all the same bones that we have.

    Whales have only forelimbs, there is no aft fins.

    The land-dwelling ancestor of the whale has been found in fossil, it is called ambulocetus. That creature had 4 legs.

    One of the ancestor of all pinniped has been identified a few years ago -- see link.

    As for 'The Darwinian', I have never heard of this publication. And nether has Google. Is that yet another one of your 'invention' that only shows how little credibility you have and deserve?

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    My subscription ran out last month. :(

    They didn't "devolve" they kept evolving.. water dwellers - land dwellers - water dwellers.

    If they last a few more million years, they might evolve to walk on land again, if a niche opens up for them.

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