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What amp should I get?

Okay, I already asked this question but, I deleted it because I felt I was being confusing.

I have 2 P2 (12") Rockford Fosgate 400 RMS each. I bought a multimeter to measure the ohms

and one sub ohm is 4.5 and the other 6.5, I don't know why but that is how I bought them.

Rockford Fosgate website says they only have 2ohm and 4ohm p2 subs.

I have narrowed my options down to these

ZX1000.1- Kicker

DX1000.1- Kicker

ZX750.1- Kicker

KAC-9105D- Kenwood

All I really wanna know is which one if best and if they would all work fine.

Sealed Box.

I will also take other suggestions that are Kicker, Fosgate, Kendwood, Alpine brands.

The only ones I trust, kinda sketchy about Kenwood though.


New update.!

DK is right, I took my subwoofers out of their enclosure and the label says 4 ohms 200 watts RMS each.

What the hell do I do now?

Update 2:

Another thing, my sub box has 2 of these. Should I still wire it as if there was only one?

Update 3:

Another thing I just found out, my subs are single voice coil.

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    What you measure with a multimeter is the DC resistance of the voice coil(s), (shown as "Re" on the sub specifications). Usually the DC resistance is slightly lower than the impedance.

    If your subs are model P2D2-12, I'd recommend the Kicker XZ750.1. Wire the subs like this diagram (Wiring Option #2).

    If your subs are model P2D4-12, I'd recommend the Kicker XZ1000.1. Wire the subs like this diagram (again, Wiring Option #2).

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    Get the 1000w kicker amp and look up wiring diagrams for your subs

    if not I'd highly recommend the RF T1000-1bd if you can afford it. Rockford Fosgate is known worldwide for their amplifiers. And if your on a tight budget, I'd say get a Hifonics 1000 watt monoblock amp.

    P.S. Don't be afraid of kenwood! My friend has two 12" kenwood subs and kenwood amp and it sounds good. But of course my two Rockford Fosgate P3's blow him outta the water ;D

    P.P.S. You can run your P2's at 500 watts RMS all day long because RF underrates their subwoofers and amps. I run my P3's at 600 watts a piece and they're rated for 500w.

    So dont be afraid to give them what they want!

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