Installing a graphics card?

I was looking into installing a better graphics card on my computer, but i wanted to ask if there was any other hardware that might be important or essential to installing it with hopes of it actually working with the rest of my computer. I don't want to install a top notch graphics card only to realize something is incompatible with it. I'd just like some tips for the new kid playing with his computer.

I don't need exact answers on what to do. I just would like to be warned by past experiences you guys might have had before I dive in to deep water. thanks

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A few things you need to consider when you buy a new Graphics card.

    PCI-E slots.

    Power Supply( Some Cards require much larger Power Supplies.)

    Your processor. You might say what? But Processors and Graphics cards can hold each other back. This is usually called Bottlenecking.

    What games are you playing? WoW and Battlefield Bad Company 2 have different requirements.

    The Power Supply is key. Going over the limit can take your computer with the power supply. Also, don't skimp out on power supplies. I'd recommend Corsair, or Thermaltake for Power Supplies. Also, go a little over the required Power Supply, just in case you need it in the future.

  • 9 years ago

    Things you need to consider.

    1. If you have a prebuilt PC like dell or hp or something like that then you will not have a good powersupply.

    2. Is the graphics card to long for your case. (measure before purchasing a card)

    3. Is your power supply adequate, usually 600watt good brand power supply is enough. (brands like coolermaster, antec , corsair)

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