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is a used pearl drum set a good buy for 200 dollars?

I have been wanting a drum set for quite some time and I just want to know if pearl is any good

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    YES! Totally. Go for it! It is a really good drum set, but try to bargain down a lil bit. It always works. Even if they are good drums. :)

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    in my opinion, i % the Drum set, you have the possibility of purchase some "Mute Heads" Are like usual heads (have a similar features with the version that the sound merely approximately muted, with a similar unique song) doing this you apart from mght have some motivation, i've got practiced with prepare pads and there is not something uninteresting than that, additionally you could seek for a drummer pal and attempt along with his drum set to be sure if that's what you like.

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    9 years ago

    Very good

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    9 years ago


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