Trig function hw help?

so the problem states: simplify 4cot^2 9ɵ-4csc^2 9ɵ. Please provide the steps to solving this problem.

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  • 9 years ago
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    One of the Pythagorean identities in trigonometry is

    cot^2 x + 1 = csc^2 x

    Replacing x with 9ɵ in the above equation, we have

    cot^2 9ɵ + 1 = csc^2(9ɵ)

    If we substitute the left hand side of the above equation for csc^2(9ɵ) in our original expression, we have

    4cot^2(9ɵ) - 4csc^2(9ɵ)

    = 4cot^2(9ɵ) - 4(cot^2(9ɵ) + 1)

    = 4cot^2(9ɵ) - 4cot^2(9ɵ) -4

    = -4

  • 4 years ago

    g(t)=4th sqrt(t) +8sect rewrite the 1st term as t^a million/4+8sec(t) differentiate: g'(t)=a million/4t^-3/4+8(sect*tant) g'(t)=a million/4 4th sqrt(t^3) +8(sect tant) h(s)=a million/2-10csc(s) h'(s)=-10csc(s)cot(s) f(x)=(x+a million)cos(x) =(x+a million)(-sin(x))+(cos(x))

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