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should i give up on this guy or get his #? answer mine & ill answer yours?

my cousin (best friend. shes like a sister.) & her family came over on sunday. me & cousin (katherine) & my sister went to a park. as we were walking back we saw these really cute guys. they were like "heeeeeeeeey" and we were like "hey there." there was zach, ben, and sam. sam was the cute one. lol. & so we kept walking past eachother (my group, sams group.) eventually we started walking together. whenever i would say something, sam would laugh. & he was always right next to me. eventually me & my cousin & sister went inside to eat, but the guys stayed outside around our block.

when we got back out we were hanging out again (my mom didnt know..) & talking again. sam was so amazing, he never drank/smoked, was only a year older then me, and he kept talking/flirting with me.

eventually he put his arm around my shoulders, then my waist. his friends were like, "how old are you anyways?" & i was like "8th." (they were freshman.) he was like "WHAT!" and took his arm away. but then he put it back & was like "just kidding, it doesnt matter." and we just kept talking & flirting. we all eventually sat down & he sat next to me & our legs were touching. my mom found us.. & grounded us, hahahah.

i left my shoes by him when i ran to go home, & later he dropped them off for me. (:

i really wanna get over him, but hes perfect. like, everyhting i want in a guy. taller then me, cute, funny, nice, good, (doesnt do drugs or anything, goes to a good private school (im going there next year, so ill see him there) ... basically perfect, to me.

im friends with him on facebook. should i talk to him on there? or just give up on him? thanks.

also, what do you think he meant when he took his arm away and said WHAT when i said i was a year younger..but said "just kidding, it doesnt matter" when he put it back?

thanks alot!

also, me and my other friend were walking around my neighborhood a coupla days ago & saw them. they were like "hey!" and we said hi.

but we never saw them after that/:

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    Don't give up on him! It sounds like you really like him. I'm sure he was just joking about you being younger since his friends brought it up. Guys can be weird and act differently when they're around friends. You should talk to your mom and tell her you really like this guy, he's only a year older, and that he doesn't smoke/drink (she'll like that). Once you get your mom on your side, message him on facebook and apologize about the way your mom acted and explain how she was just being overprotective but that she likes him, just to strike up a conversation. Then maybe while you guys are talking on there he'll give you his number. Either way, at the end of the conversation say something along the lines of "well maybe i'll see you around the neighborhood :)" or something.. He''' likely give you his number eventually.

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