Ladies pls.....When she says you are a caring person....?

Well, just a quick question. The relationships section is flodded with teens.

Me and this girl are around 25. We met at a mutual friend's bday party. She's brazilian. Since I been to Brazil twice, and speaks the langauge, we ended up chatting. Before I left I said that we should talk more. Added her on facebook and asked to meet up this week for tea. She replied sure and gave me her number.

My friend asked her what she thought of me, and she said that I was a very caring person....what ever that means when a girl says that.

Is she interested?


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    ...that's challenging to declare, the chum that asked is a guy or woman ? All i will say that it grew to become into obtrusive to her that u like her via being careing in the direction of her, women folk catch that on the fly : ) some women folk are not involved in men with heart formed scholars ( eyes ) they prefer the greater sparkly uninhibited sort ( i'm asserting this reason i've got lived in Latino international locations for some years and frequented s.American ppl too ) that's like the version between the candy and worrying peter pan and the masculin Tarzan. yet do no longer attempt to be some thing you're no longer, you will seem silly in a factor that's no longer yours and risk to be viewd as somebody with bipolar syndrome. My factor is, my chum, is that once coming near a woman for the 1st couple of cases attempt to be exciting, carefree ( a sprint dareing ) and enjoys life. Then, you will need all of the time to pour your love and interest unto her : ) yet no longer from the any different case she'll rightfully ask herself "yet the place's the capability ? " cheers chum

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    I think my dad's a caring person. He better not be into me.... No it doesn't mean she's "into you" but! I think if you hang out with her and interact with her she might mean your a caring kind person! Just use those words as a reason to go for the girl!

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