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What are the factors of going up/down in a weight class?

Like if a fighter in the ufc would move down a weight class what factors would they have to get use to, or vise versa, if a fight went up a weight class, what would they have to get used to thats different then other weight classes? Ex. If a smaller guy went up a weight class he wud have to get stronger, or if a bigger guy went down he'd have to get faster or used to fighting people faster then him.

I didnt really know how to word this, so i hope someone understands what im asking.

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    There are a whole host of things to consider when going up or down in a weight class. I fought across four different weight classes in kick-boxing but I was somewhat lucky I think. I was fairly tall and had good reach and really hit hard and was very fast and light on my feet and took a shot really well. My walking around weight was 163-166 and if I took a fight at welter weight then I would not have to diet at all. I had always been light for my size so the guys dropping down from around 175-180 to 155 were not any stronger than me per say since I had good power and could take a shot really well and so at super welter weight I did not have as much of an advantage physically.

    However as I would drop in weight class my reach, power, and quickness and ability to take a shot became more of an advantage for me and at light weight (130-135) or super light weight (135-140) guys could not stay in the ring with me and hurt me much. Those classes I had to strictly diet for and getting below 135 for light weight was a real struggle. Other guys would try to get down and would lose power and strength and while I lost some I never felt like I lost that much or more than about 10% than if I was fighting at a heavier weight class.

    Dropping weight while keeping your strength and endurance is the trick and if you are bigger but just as light as everyone else then you have the reach on them and usually the power also still if you have lost the weight the right way. Its just the opposite as you go up because you are fighting guys whose natural weight is heavier and they usually are bigger physically and have the reach on you as well as strength and power. You might be lighter on your feet maybe and move better than them but if they have any real experience they will cut off the ring on you and your ability to be mobil and try to force you into fighting their fight.

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