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Kind of jealous of my friend?

Dunno why. We were away, and this girl I used to like apparently said she thought my friend was 'fit'. Kinda bugged me because she wasn't into me... but she thinks my friend is attractive.

He's ginger, but he tans. He's well built because he used to box. He's also very confident and can talk to anyone. I'm blonde, with very blue eyes... but am pale and I don't tan. I'm also slim, but not well built. I can be kinda quiet, but after a while I come out of my shell.

Is he, from what I've described far more attractive than me? It just bugs me a bit that this girl who, a couple of years ago I was really into, and she said I was 'good looking' never wanted to go out with me, but she now finds my friend really attractive.


I'm clawing at this now... but I look like Kevin Bacon. When he was in Footloose. A lot. I don't see the comparison myself, but I get told I look like him a lot. Dunno what am trying to achieve by mentioning this... but yeah. lol.

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    The way you feel is normal so, don't be too hard on yourself. You are not going to be every girls "type". She probably really does think you are cute, but there is no chemistry there meaning, she is not attracted to you physically and that is okay She doesn't have to be. Now your friend, she probably feels chemistry or some kind of animal magnetism to him. She picks up on his pheromones and that is okay. Don't let it get you down. There will be girls to come along and you will totally be their type all around, not just in one area. As far as you being quiet, that is just you. Don't change who you are to be like someone else. Always be yourself. That is just your personality just like your friend being outgoing and able to talk to anyone is his personality. And tanning causes skin cancer so, your doing a healthy thing by not tanning. And I am a black girl so, I have never heard the term "ginger." What does that mean, that he's naturally dark for a white guy?

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    You are tired for the additional details you added LOL talking about you don't know what you're trying to achieve by mentioning you look like Kevin Bacon. LOL, it's your lame desperate attempt to impress a girl here on yahoo answers to the point where she'll say, "I wanna meet him." Get your thirsty begging azz outta here LOL. #LAME & TIRED

    You didn't even answer the 1st girls question about what a ginger is in the additional details like you could have with your selfish tired azz. is it because she's black? Tired azz lame azz dude LOL

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    Everybody is different and everybody likes different people. Nothing sounds wrong with you!! My ex boyfriend was around 6foot1 skinny blonde blue eyes but was perfect to me. He was attractive and when i got to know him more attractive. Personality is always the winner!

    Plus ginger guys are a turn off :-S

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