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What is good to eat after a workout that will help me slim down?

I've lost 30 pounds this summer running but now its time to start running AND lifting rather than just running, but I still want to lose weight, what should I eat after my workout that might help me do this?

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    If you eat healthy 3 meals a day then there is no problem, avoid fattening foods and junk or the sly fats such as ranch and mayo which people normally add in salads or healthy sandwiches. Avoid fried foods, soda, processed foods (hot dogs, spam, sausage) and focus on more naturals like chicken, beef, etc

    There is definitely nothing wrong with eating a nice breakfast of eggs, pancakes, fruit followed with a big BLT sandwich for lunch, and a nice hearty serving of spaghetti for dinner (examples) A normal person who exercises 30 minutes a day should be eating around 2000 calories, someone who exercises more on a daily basis can eat more.

    I used to exercise 3 hours a day (biking home) and the amount I worked out from that alone made it where I could eat double the amount (4000 calories) in a day. Anyways there is no need to eat as if you are on a diet as long as you do not splurge constantly on junk, dieting and eating shitty food is really the worst thing you can do for yourself when its completely unnecessary.

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    Nothing you eat after your workout will matter much enough for you to be caring about it (unless you're training fasted).

    I'd recommend that you overall increase your protein intake (eggs, bacon, chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, greek yogurt). Also, you don't need pre-workout carbs unless you can't function without them.

    Lift hard, don't do 20x10, do real lifting, 8x3, 5x3 or 12x3. Somewhere around those you'll see the most strength and mass increase.

    Good luck.

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    Lean meats and veggies! more importantly the lean meats. Don't eat as much red meats, it makes your muscles take longer to heal. And there's shakeology. I drink that. It's the healthiest thing I eat all day because of all the vitamins and vegetables in it.

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