Uvb bulb for beardie?


i am getting really annoyed because i am getting a beardie and i have heard so much stuff about uvb bulbs

what is the best bulb for a bearded dragon to stay healthy,Is a tube or a bulb best for a 100cm x 45cm x50cm glass vivarium,

does the uvb bulb have to be on the same side as the basking spot or anywhere aslong as it is in the cage

does the uvb bulb have to be in the tank or sitting ontop of the tank on the mesh?

if anyone answers these questions i will vote you best answer thanks:)

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  • TPau15
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    9 years ago
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    It does matter which UVB bulb you get. I highly recommend that you do not use coiled/compact UVB bulbs as they are known to cause severe eye damage and/or blindness in reptiles, not to mention they have trouble maintaining UVB output over time. The long tube UVB bulbs are best, like Zoomed's Reptisun model: http://lllreptile.com/store/catalog/reptile-suppli... Remember to replace UVB bulbs according to the manufacturers recommendation after which time the bulb will no longer produce UVB even if visible light still is.

    MVBs (mercury vapor bulbs) or OK as well, although some brands are better/more reliable than others. T-Rex and MegaRay make some of the better models to date.

    As long as the UVB is on the enclosure, it's fine (if the UVB bulb is a MVB then the UVB and heat will come from the same place.) Most recommend that the UVB light (if it's a long tube type) run the length of most of the enclosure.

    The UVB bulb can sit on top of the mesh lid of the enclosure.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. I recommend a UVB tube because the tube will cover the whole vivarium. The bulb is just going to cover a certain area in the vivarium. It is best that you get a UVB tube that will cover the whole vivarium.

    2. The UVB bulb should be in the middle so it can provide some UVB light in the left and right side of the vivarium. The basking lamp can go anywhere in the vivarium.

    3. The best thing to do is putting the bulb ontop of the tanks mesh/screen top because if you put it inside there might be a slight chance of the bulb falling and hitting your beardie.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1) It doesn't matter, bulbs are a bit more expensive, but work well and last longer than florescent tubes.

    2) The UVB bulb that is like the sun-light and the normal light should be in the center. The basking light should be over the basking spot.

    3) Sitting on top of the screen or slightly above. If you get an MVB it has to be roughly a foot away from your dragon.

    4) I understand you're getting annoyed, but UV lights and general heat and lighting for your beardie is important! Check out my other answer I gave for your other question asking this.

  • eno
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    4 years ago

    I continually propose the two; UV strip (tube) or a florescent hood (that's a cover that can carry 4+ bulbs). There are execs and cons in each and each of those. A strip will usually bypass over UVB or one/different. It does conceal a brilliant element of the vivarium, would be hung down extremely low in touch with the bearded dragon, nonetheless fiddly to alter sometimes. it quite is right at the same time with a wood vivarium. A hood is far less complicated with a pitcher vivarium (mesh staggering) albeit, I merely jigsawed the staggering of mine and shoved the hood on. that is ordinary to set off off 2 UVA bulbs and a couple of UVB bulbs, ordinary to alter, can commerce between switching one set off off and different on etc. i might by no potential propose a unmarried bulb. they're usually coiled and by no potential sufficient and those, greater effective than any UV will want added dusting powder to help accommodate it. it in many circumstances isn't the suited of ideas. As I point out, the suited place relies upon on what vivarium you have. A wood vivarium usually has holes drilled and ordinary to play-around-with vents, that's straightforward get right of entry to to in high-quality condition a strip. A hood would be put in by potential of measuring and jigawing, then including little help brackets. i in my opinion want my UV being this way yet that's a private decision not a "actual" income. In a pitcher, utilising a hood could be the main difficulty unfastened to attach because it rests on the mesh staggering, the place a strip desires a sprint greater fiddling approximately with. make beneficial to alter your UV each 6 months. the sunshine will artwork properly and quite after the UV is lifeless.

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