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Seriously...? Bad luck in life!?

Why do i have such bad luck in life?! No, im not suicidal, but i have a short temper, And i wanna kno why the **** i have such horrible luck. For example(s) when it snows, i walk underneath a large tree....a very large branch falls off and hits me. If i am going somewhere important, i get lost for hours and then i go back home. During the hurricane, my house was the only one in the neighborhood with no electricity for days. While walking on an old bridge, the area i step in breaks and i fall into the river. I mean seriously?! WTF?! Dis crap happen only in cartoon naw mean?!

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    If you short tempered, your probably unhappy, if your unhappy your miserable, and misery loves company so you probably are making people around you unhappy also, so KARMA happens. Try to look on the positive side of life so bad things won't happen to you

  • 9 years ago

    i found this too but if you start to focus on the positive you notice more and more positive things happening to you and less negative- its worth a shot! :)

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    9 years ago

    ... bad luck dude :L

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