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how to tell if you can't breath?

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    As this is posted under 'Fish' I'm gonna assume that's what the reference was made to. Fish breathe oxygen from the water through their gills. If, however, there is a lack of oxygen in the water they may often pop to the surface where there is a higher concentration of it. This can be aided by adding an airstone.

    Now for the bit I couldn't resist: If however you meant how can a human tell it's breathing, their chest will involuntarily move as a result of the repeated expansion and compression of the body's lungs. All the best and I hope your not dead!

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    First of all it is BREATHE for how you used it. You said it like OUT OF BREATH, and this is simple, if you are an age under ten then here it is, you know if you start to feel light headed. How your body is built, it breathes on its own, you choose whether to keep yourself from breathing. If you are ten and older. LISTEN! YOU SHOULD KNOW BY YOUR SCHOOL WORK! Please, I don't know if it was a typo but the question is off, and the answer is COMPLETELY simple. You know cause your chest expands!!!

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    are you breathing? if yes, then you're breathing. if no, you're not


    wait five minutes. if you're alive, you were breathing the whole time

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    you dont

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