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i want my ex back? he doesn't seem to want me back?

We dated for 1 1/2 years, each others first relationship, were engaged, and loved each other very much. Anyway, about 3 days ago, we got in a fight over e-mail, and he broke up with me by changing his status from "engaged to single." It wasn't anything that serious to break up over. I, in the heat of the moment said, "if you want to change your relationship status on Facebook from engaged to single, I guess we are over." He wrote back and said, "sure, have a nice life." He then deleted all the photos of us off Facebook. He asked if we still wanted to be friends and I said we shouldn't talk because he really hurt me. I deleted him off my facebook, and he immediately the next day sent me another friend request. There's no way he could've known I deleted him without trying to check out my profile first.Today is the first day we talked since the breakup and only becasue he sent me a message saying that I have a potential job interview. I thanked him and sent him a very cheesy e-mail saying "although we are broken up you still need to wish me luck and pray for me because you are a good Christian and that's what good Christian's do, they pray. I may not know if you do that, but God will, so be afraid, be very afraid, hahaha..." He never replied back to the e-mail and just signed off. Do you think he just doesn't want to talk anymore? Do you think he still has feeling for me? I really want to talk to him, but I guess I should get over him and move on? Do I just have my hopes up that maybe we'll get back together?

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    Tell him you want him back, dont play around. If he doesnt block him on FB and dont talk to him. No need to waste the heartache*Just went through something similiar*

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    That's why he's your ex. Move on and forget about him.

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