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party for a 14 year old? please help!?

so im turning 14 october 13th...and i want to have a party. my mom will only let me invite like 8 people, and personally i really want to go and see Paranormal activity 3 which is coming out the day after my birthday im pretty sure. But my mom said probably no because it would be way too much to pay for everyone's tickets and food. So im trying to think of better ideas for a party? I dont really know where else i could go that wouldn't be "babyish", if you know what i mean. But just hanging out at my house seems too boring. Does anyone have any ideas that are fun , cheap, and for a teen? Thanks (:

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    Only 8 people? Okay, just have a huge sleepover and rent a ton of movies.

    Just have NetFlix and food. And a few computers for music and screwing around on Facebook.

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    9 years ago

    Ideas of a 13 year old :D

    1. Only invite close friends and go go karting *or see paranormal activity 3*

    2. For 8 people- Big Ol' Sleep over :[

    3. For real close friends- Amuesment park =3

    4. For 8 people- Day at the mall

    5. For 8 people- Day at the beach

    Thats all got! :O

    Have Fun (:

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    Some themes 2 think about 4 boys and girls or just the girls are pool party, spa day, a sock hop (ask your mom if u don't know that is), shopping day and roller skating. U rent a limo 2 drive u and your friends around 4 the day. I hope this helps. Have a great one.

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    9 years ago

    Have a lovely umbrella decorating party with finger sandwiches and tea.

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  • Go to Chuck-E-Cheese's. Hahaha, just kidding, that would suck nuts if you spent your birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese's You should probably just go shopping, or go to a pool with hot dudes.

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