Which paintball gun is better? A Kingman Spyder Victor or a Kingman Spyder .50 caliber Opus-A?

I am currently looking into getting a paintball gun and I think I have it narrowed down to two guns. I like the Kingman Spyder Victor and the Kingman Spyder .50 caliber Opus-A. Although I have heard better things on the Opus-A I will take anyones feedback on either gun. If you have any other suggestions on other guns I will gladly check them out. But if you recommend a gun make sure it is under $150.00 and has a double fingered trigger.(Fully auto option is not required on the gun.)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Opus only shoots .50 cal paintballs, which are not common. The Victor shoots standard .68 cal paintballs. Go with that one.

    Victor isn't electronic, so it won't shoot very fast despite having a double trigger. But you can get one with an electronic trigger frame. Or get a Sonix w/ e-trigger:


    Same as a Victor but has a full length foregrip and a clamping feedneck.

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