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Should I have my tonsils removed?

I've had a really bad sore throat and cough several times this year, and almost every time it happens my throat and the roof of my mouth feel all swollen. I also get canker sores often. Is this tonsillitis? Will a tonsillectomy help? Also, I've heard it would also help my snoring, is that true?

If yes, who should I see? My pediatrician (I'm 17), a specialist, etc.?


The only reason I've been seeing the pediatrician is because that's where my parents take me.

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  • Connor
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    9 years ago

    No it's not tonsilitis. So not it will not help.

    Talk to your doctor to make sure you don't have a recurring infection of some sort. I would also check for any food allergies you may have. Watch what you eat and watch when the mouth issues flair up.

    I would just go and talk to the doctor. You don't need to see a pediatrician at your age and for this particular problem you just need to see a normal doctor. Rarely can you just up and see a specialist without having a refferal anyways.


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