Had chest kidney and stomach infections all cleared now but still have swelling under arm pit and pain?

Is it normal still 2 have a bit of swelling under my armpit its like a line shape at the top of the pit were it meets your arm? Its sore as we'll. I've had pains in my stomach 2. I've had chest xrays, bloods done, urine tests a pap smear all clear and so on, I'm am on my period so I don't know if that affects it :S it never has before also I took a M.A pill dono if that affects it either. I'm 19 female. Thanks so much. Also I'm quite stressed dono if that effects it either.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    This has nothing to do with cancer.

    It sounds like the infection is not completely gone.

    Tell your doctor if you are worried.

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