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Knee problem??????????

okay so i used to play alot of sports now i do not but i am still very active. my knee has been hurting alot but it is off and on i do not know if something is wrong with it but what should i do cause when it does hurt it hurts! ???

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    just go to a doctor and check it might be that u have a crack in the bone or something serious.

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    You didn't give much information except for the pain you're feeling. If it hurts while doing sports try wrapping it with an ace bandage, and take iburprofen for the pain. Is it swollen, can you bend it? Lots can be wrong including a torn miniscus, torn cartilage, arthritis, etc. You should probably see an orthopedic surgeon to rule out most of the above, he will examine it, x-ray it, and go from there. Maybe give you a cortisone shot or recommend an anthroscopy. I had surgery 3 years ago, due to both torn miniscus, torn cartilage and bone spurs, now have to have a cortisone shot every 4-6 months due to arthritis. I almost look forward to getting the shots because they help so much. Good luck, didn't mean to scare you, but I've been there, done that

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