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Raised as a Jehovah Witness. How can I move on in life?

I'm 21 years old. I was raised as a Jehovah Witness. You may know they are not allowed to do anything. I never celbrated my birthday or did holidays and I never had any real friends growing up. even never had a girlfriend since I was raised that all girls who are not a jehovah witness are sluts and whores and that I should stay far away from them because they all carry aids and STDs. (I know its a BS claim) Now that I'm 21 I fell I missed out on a lot in my life. I made some friends in the past few years but its hard to trust them, mostly due to never having friends to start with and the fact that I was betrayed by one who I thought was a friend back in High school.

So how can I basicly move on in my life and basicy break open my shell and just live a life that I can enjoy.


@ Linda

I WAS raised as one. I'm sorry if I offended you but maybe its a reason why your religion is so messed up.

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  • Linda
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    9 years ago
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    You were not raised as a witness. Not even close. Nice try.

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  • Truth
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    9 years ago

    First you need to free yourself to feel good.

    The first step is to forgive the JWs and your parents. The adults in your world didn't mean to put you into a box. They were trying to protect you from all the things they were anxious about. You got hurt in the process, but that wasn't their intention. At the end of the day they deserve your pity because they have never broken free to see that what they believe is, as you put it, BS. They lived their whole lives like you lived your childhood.

    Second, you will have to learn to trust people. This is very hard to do as an adult. Find a friend or a mentor who will help you. It is better if this is a same sex friend or mentor because otherwise you can complicate things with attractions you may not be ready for.

    Third find a hobby or a group to join. This will give you "safe" (ie not emotionally entangling or abusive) social contacts. It will also let you do something that you enjoy.

    Be careful of going all out and trying everything you missed at once. Take things one step at a time. If it isn't comfortable for you, either don't do it (if it is uncomfortable because you know it is unhealthy) or do it slowly (it may be uncomfortable because it goes against some of the unhealthy messages you were given as a child. So you may, for example, have trouble getting a girlfriend) enough that you can become comfortable over time.

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    If what you say is true you was not raised a Witness sounds like you were raised by begets who called themselves Witnesses.

    Anyone can claim to be something their not which sounds like you, your mind set is so different from anyone that has been raised as a Witness, we don't view non believers as sluts and whores and it may have been that was the only friends you wanted and that's why your parents told you that.

    Those that can't do anything normally blame someone else for their problems, Hitler blame the Jews so why don't you take your life in your own hands and do what you want and stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

    Maybe stop complaining for a start, we don't force anyone to live a Christian life that is on each and everyones shoulders.

  • .
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    9 years ago

    Jw's will write things they know nothing about. like Linda did.

    What helped me was reading the bible myself, not the NWT(its a fraud counterfeit bible words added & removed to read according to their doctrine.Clear violation of Revelation 22:18&19)

    Efforts to find Jesus and truth will bring pure blessings. What you feel you lost out on....don't tripp. Keep Jesus a priority and all things will fall into place for you. You are very young still. You missed out on nothing, you still have time to do many things. Remain mindful of divine authority where ever you go. There are dangers of loose conduct.

    You will have to de-program from the 1/2 truths and straight lies you were told from the Jw's.

    Jesus tells us

    "And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart"- Jeremiah 29:13

    God will bless your efforts and lead you in the right direction when you have him in your life and allow him to direct your step. He knows what you need before you ask, he also is aware of your hearts' desires. What you feel you lost out, friend, a special person in you life...all these things you will have in time you have not lost out. When your priorities are right...blessings are endless.

    Take a class on a subject you enjoy, you will meet others who have similar interests. Ask Jesus to help you as at this time you are unsure of how to go about things. Ask that you are allowed to be drawn close to him, that you are shown truth who God is.

    have a great time in the things you do, don't sit around moping, or being sad. May Jesus bring joy into your heart and show you real life.


    In Christ

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just become a normal Christian, I understand that Jehovah Witness' are Christians, but, in a really extreme way. I mean, I celebrate holidays (you weren't even allowed to do Christmas, it has Christ IN the name), Birthdays, and all. I don't think all non-Christian girls are sluts, but I don't go around dating them (I'm only 14, but I don't date until I'm 16 years old). I would probably only date a Christian, but I don't think that non-Christians are whores. I go to a Calvary Chapel, try there, the one I go to is really good.

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  • 9 years ago

    all girls who are not a jehovah witness are sluts and whores??

    False JWs don't tell you that.

    What do you believe now??......are you agree with Catholicism , Muslims??.......what is the true about God?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    God is real and God is love. He can help you. Sounds like you need to get serious with God and be a traditonal Christian, like Baptist or Lutheran. They believe in the Trinity -- that God is one God in three parts -- God the Father, Jesus Christ God's Son, and God's Holy Spirit. They use a different Bible, not the JW version. Also, they celebrate holidays. Get to a Christian church, make some new friends there, and get to know God more deeply. Pray about your life and get some prayers there too. This is the basic Christian message and prayer --- you need to accept God's Son, Jesus Christ, into your life to be a born again Christian and follow God's ways so you can receive God's guidance in your life and get to heaven after you die. Knowing God can transform your life. When you know God, then pray about your life, God can help you live a better life. As God is love, life is primarily about love and relationships in order to have a rich and full life. Also, you need to know God's Son, Jesus Christ, in your life as your Lord and Savior as Jesus died on the cross as payment for our sins. Having Him with you will give you God's blessing and forgiveness, as you live God's way. Not following God leads to hell, eternal suffering. Instead, there is an important prayer to pray to become a born again Christian. This prayer should be said with faith in God and a sincere heart:

    "Dear God, I know that I am a sinful person and I don't want to be like this anymore. I know that Jesus Christ died on the cross as payment for our sins, and I want to accept Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior so I can receive God's forgiveness, guidance, and go to heaven someday. Thank you, dear God, for your mercy and guidance; in Jesus' name. Amen."

    This prayer can take you to a new place in your relationship with God and transform your life. After saying this prayer, you should check out a Christian church, like Baptist or Lutheran. The church can get you baptized and prayed for, and you can pray for yourself daily. Also, get into their Bible study group so you can learn more about God, Jesus, and God's will for your life. The Bible is God's instruction book about how to live a God-honoring life so you can go to heaven after you die. Ways to stay connected to God's path include loving God and Jesus Christ, obeying God's ways, daily Bible reading, daily prayer for yourself and others, getting to church, having your church prayer group and/or pastor pray for you, fasting with prayer for a higher level of prayer, getting with other Christians and doing a Bible study, singing hymns to God, taking communion with the church, helping and loving others, expressing your gratitude to God for His help in your life by telling others of your progress and helping them draw closer to God too, tithing, volunteering at church. God guide your life.

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