What is the weight of this thundercraft boat?

My parents have this thundercraft regency with a 2.5 litter engine and its been sitting in the garage for about a decade. Im buying a new vehicle and I want to get one that can tow the boat but I don't know what the boat weighs?

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  • 9 years ago
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    best guess is that this boat is under 18 feet...with trailer, I would sayit is under 3000 lbs. a V6 could tow it but towing anything with a V8 is preferable, especially for long distance.

  • Cliff
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    9 years ago

    too little info.

    length of boat?

    hull material (fiberglass or alum, fiberglass is the heavier material)?

    year of boat?

    if the trailer has two axles, you'll need a 1/2 ton pickup (such as chevy silverado 1500) or SUV (such as the chevy suburban, which is built on the same frame as teh silverado).

    if its a single axle, and uses the 4.80x12 tires, boat is probably alum and total weight is under 2,000 lbs. possibly well under, possibly light enough for a compact economy class vehicle (such as a honda accord), at least for the local places with no major hills to climb.

    also, dumps, rockeries (landscaping supplies), trucking companies, lots of places that have scales that may let you use them (call ahead) to find out what the boat and trailer really weigh.

    with older boats, it tends to be the ONLY way to figure out what they really weigh.....

    this much i can say for certain, better to be more then capable. something like the chevy silverado 1500 pulling a 2,000 trailer, you BARELY notice the difference. the braking system on a full size pickup has the POWER to STOP (especially newer american trucks with standard 4 wheel disc ABS). being able to STOP is the single most important thing.

    the 300 hp v8 doesnt get 30 mpg's, but it doesnt drop signifcantly when a load is added......

    my boat is a small alum boat, honda accords can pull it. 30 mpg without the boat, 21 with it. vs my chevy silverado, 17 without, 16.5 with, while charging up the hills.......

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