Lawn mower air filter clogged with oil , now wont start?

was mowing the backyard and suddenly heard a clank then the motor stopped i turned it over and removed the stick, then flipped it back and oil was draining out the air filter box i replaced the air filter and it wouldnt start, tipped it on its side to let the excess drain and it still wouldnt start, any suggestions would be appreichiated

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  • Hondu
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    9 years ago
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    The oil got into the oil filter when you turned the mower on it's side. The engine most likely won't start because when you hit the stick and the engine stopped suddenly, it sheared the flywheel key which put the engine out of time. You will have to replace that key before the engine will start.

  • 9 years ago

    Take the air filter off....Clean or replace the spark plug...If the engine starts and runs...Replace the filter

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  • daak
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    4 years ago

    the two the main jet is blocked or the drift valve is stuct close. eliminate the bowl from the backside of the carb and notice it the gas flows. be waiting to pinch the gas line close or placed the bowl decrease back on because of the fact the gas will proceed to go. If the gas flows placed the bowl decrease back on and notice if that's going to run. If the gas would not run circulate the drift gently up and down. gas could circulate. If the engine nevertheless won't run you will would desire to take the carb off and sparkling it out.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    clean or replace the filter

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