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girls in high school?

ok i feel like almost half of the girls in my grade hate me i dont know if it might be because i talk to them sometimes and sometimes not or because i had one of there friends on my contacts and i deleted her by accident but besides that i am nice to people i dont talk bad about people or listen to rumors and it feels like i cant make any new friends because they all know each other and they are like i would say popular girls so ya. i really dont know what to do its been going on like this since grade nine and i am in grade 10 now. in grade nine i had one of my friends well former friends started saying stuff about me saying to people were not friends and was trying to get me into fights with other people so i dont knw if she tolde something to those girls that glare at me now. sorry it was a bit long.


omg people i know not everyone is going to like me thats not what i ment they only dont like me because of some stuqid rumors and i dont even know what they are about me alll i know is that there has been rumors about me

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    High school is full of drama. No matter how nice you are to someone; there will always be someone else that doesn't like you. You have to forget about how people feel about you, and just be yourself. Once you do that you will have friends.

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    No matter how nice you are to everyone, there will always be a group of pricks who are too self-involved to notice. Just ignore them. Stick with your own friends.

  • 9 years ago

    Well, make friends with the other half that doesn't hate you. People who judge you from other people's opinions aren't worth it.e

  • 9 years ago

    Try to be friendly and walk over and act like nothings wrong. Or you could ask what their problem is.

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