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What is important to people in America?

I think americans (white ones mostly) very much care about their image. Whether it is a real image (unlikely) or a phony one (more likely) they go to great lengths to present an image of themselves. This is by way of what car they drive, what neighborhood they live in, and what company they work for. American values is all about image, material things, and whether you are in the popular in crowd. What american values is not about is integrity, ethics, morals, and humility. In fact, american say, being greedy is good, winning is good, if you cheat, that is considered a great talent to have to be successful, and by being bad in your life, you can go high.

I was born in usa, my ethnicity is chinese, and I am male. I did well in school in usa, but in the working world in accounting, I did not enjoy the social culture of white people. I don't drink, don't party like them, and don't appreciate their values. They are leud, cheaters, lyers, and do not have much integrity and ethics, it seams like money is their god and maintaining a phony and groupy image is so important to them. I now live in china, opened my own business in the city called yangshuo in guangxi province. The natural beauty of the mountains, rivers, land, and friendly culture along with a low cost of living is a paradise. I have more freedom here than what america claims they have. USA is so lame, and guess what, there are no bigots here.

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    hey, I couldn't agree with you more. that's what chinese government criticize America as a country with deep rooted discrimination of race issues. I have been studying in the US for 2 years, and in the process of my third year which is my last year. I have no eager to stay here, even though here has better living environment (not culturally). I can see that Asian American are having difficult time adjusting into white people or the rest of them. More importantly, they become disliking themselves and worshiping non-Asian people which is very upsetting.

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    Thank you for making clear all about yourself and your ethics.

    You were dissed and dismissed at work, no one wanted to know you, you had no social skills to make that possible.

    Now you live in China because you couldn't make it here.

    You hate America for it.

    And you are now spouting bigoted statements where you would cheer at the deaths of millions for the sake of getting back at some of us.

    You said all this yourself, in your many posts.

    And you spoke of ethics?

    You made the wise choice.

    You are gone.

    You have no clue.

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    individuals favor to trust we are yet deep interior all of us know we are the guffawing inventory of the international and is appeared down upon. all of us know that others make relaxing persons as fat, gruesome and stupid. Our in uncomplicated words comeback is something that the Hollywood has brainwashed others by using claiming others are jealous of our freedom, we've useful militia (even although we lost each and every conflict from Korean conflict, Vietnam conflict, Iraq & Afghan conflict), we are stepped ahead in drugs (even although human beings refuse to take western drugs via adverse uncomfortable section consequences) and stepped ahead in technologies (even although we employ Indians for mind power), and so on. In different words, individuals know we are not significant to the international yet we fake to be in denial which will proceed being boastful.

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    well every ones culture is different that is why we are all raised differently. and based on the way you are raised peoples ethics could be different and eveyone values different things.

    yes image is very important to americans

    but it could also be other things for example family

    the most important thing to me are the first ten admendments

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    the bill of rights as a computer program a referendum on having that.

    oh and one on investigating the u.s. world news as a possible phishing site for fascists. the aledged concern over terrorism indicate the bnps in england actualy wrote the articless.

    so a check of websites for autumated news compters and printing presses in order.

    Source(s): fascism definitions and phishing definitions. bill of rights ideas.
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    yes i care about America's image. i care about America being the once great nation it once was. it is no longer that great nation. we no longer make household products or electronics. and this is why we are in the hole. everything we buy not is made in Asia. we wonder what happened to our economy and our jobs. we gave them all away because "americans dont want these jobs anyway" let me tell you something. at the moment id kill for one of those jobs.

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