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Helping out a friend...unsure of what to say to her:/?

Okay, so my friend is in a serious relationship, but it's long distance. She wants to be able to have fun, since we're only in highschool, but she says that she doesn't want to break up with her bf cause she truely believes that they will have a future together. What should I tell her? To keep up with her guy now (they are really good together) since she loves him or to go have fun and live a little?

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    I think she needs to balance her love life with her social life...just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean she can't have other friends! I know how it feels, my best friend just got a boyfriend and she feels compelled to be with him 24/7. But I think a good boyfriend would want you to have fun when they're not around, not just mope around! Whatever she chooses though is her decision. The best thing you can tell her as a friend is that you support her and will stick by her no matter what happens.

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