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Why cant i play fallout 3 for PC?

Why cant i play fallout 3 for PC?

I just bought fallout 3 game of the year edition on steam for PC, but every time i press new game, it loads a bit and windows tries to fix it but then fails, so i close the program. How can i get it to work?


It is a windows 7 home premium, aspire 5750, And i think a "Intel(R), Core(TM),i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz" On a windows 64-bit operating system, with 3.85 gigs of usable RAM.

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    Try re-installing the game. May have had errors during your installation. btw, what's your graphics card?

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    tell me, which video card do you have? it variety of feels you do not have a dedicated video card. To play video games, the only element that concerns is the video card, for contemporary-day video games, you will desire a actual video card (those that is going in the pci-exhibit slot) so the pc could have an quite professional gpu (graphical processing unit) to handle the pics engine of the video games. And Fallout 3 is particularly a pics-in intensity game, so which you will desire a first rate video card to run it easily with a solid image high quality.

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