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Need help with a warrior cats tribe member name!?

Hi, I have this character that I can't come up with a name for. He is in a tribe so tribe names only please! (this is all from Warrior Cats, if you don't know what I'm talking about then don't bother answering)

The first part of his name is 'Storm' so his nickname would be storm. However I can't come up with anything else.

Ex: Brook where small fish swim.


Just for a quick description; He is a long haired, thick furred grey tabby tom. He has emerald green eyes.

His personality; kind and clever, nice and seemingly flirtatious, caring.

Thank you in advance for all your answers! :)


Here is what he is supposed to look like;

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    Keep in mind that usually, the Tribe Members are named after something around when they are kitted, or less used, things that are in nature.

    Storm That Sweeps Across Mountain[ Or wherever he lives ]

    Storm That Forms Above Mountain[ Or wherever he lives ]

    Storm Which Lights Up Sky

    I dunno, that's all I can think of. :3

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