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What is an ''innocent'' child to you, and when do you think they loose their innocence?

Ok, i'm going to switch this up. Lets start with the age of innocence.

I generally think a child looses its innocence in its toddler years. Around ages 3-5. They're are not aware of what you do, but who you are. Its like, 'Hey, thats mommy and daddy. They're my parents. And i'm just a child so if i bite my doggies nose, they wouldn't care because i'm just a child.'' At this age especially toddler years, they're more aware of who you are, what you do, and if they slap you for instance, they mean it. They're not just fooling around and stuff, they actually ment to do it. Also, i think children are born with this type of ''evilness'' with them. And a lot of parents think their children don't know violence, the wrong, or anything else. But children aren't as innocent as they think.

An innocent child to me is a pure child. Basically, babies and young toddlers i find are innocent because they're helpless. They're counting on you, they're innocent. All because you say your 8 year old is innocent doesn't mean they're. Actually, an average 8 year old will know as much information as the parent thinks, children this age know about violence and things. Their aren't babies, so wtf?

But really, thats just me. If you disagree, ok. Just tell me your honest opinion.


Although i disagree with you detromental, thanks for giving your honest opinion :)

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    I honestly think children are never innocent.

    They tend to be selfish, aggressive, unappreciative little monsters who only truly start to think about others as they get older.

    Did you know that an infant can fake laugh or fake cry just to get attention? They start manipulating people before they're even old enough to flip over.

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    In my opinion, a child remains innocent for as long as they are oblivious to the evil in the world.

    As long as they don't know about what kind of evil people walk this earth, and that some evil people can actually do terrible things to them, they remain innocent.

    As soon as they are exposed to things they shouldn't know about, such as sex, drugs, violence, etc, then they lose their innocence because they lose that magical outlook of the world.

    Or when a child reaches the age of roughly 12 (because that is the age they teach sex ed here) that's when they lose the innocence.

    My mission is to keep my children innocent for as long as possible, because in my opinion, when a child loses their innocence far too young, they also lose their childhood, and that can ruin lives.

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    I think u could answer this on your own

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    when they lie When they already know right from wrong

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