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What's wrong with my horse?

So yesterday i went to go riding (i have a barn outside my house, so it's private except for a few friends who board their horses) and i noticed that when i got on my horse his stride was really short at the trot, when he usually extends/reaches with his front. He wouldn't round himself so matter how many times i asked. Then i tried to canter and it felt OK. But i was still worried so i got off and put him away. I'm not sure if he's just stiff/sore since i worked him a lot the day before, or if he could even be lame. My parents don't know anything about horses and my friends really aren't much help. I'm just not sure to call the vet or not because i don't want to waste money just because my horse is sore, but if he IS lame i really want him to be checked out. (Oh, and i don't have a trainer due to financial reasons). I also walked him around a few times with a lead rope and he looked fine- he did trip once or twice because our arena is hilly and he does that often. So i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone (your horses trot becoming short and his head up) and what did you do? Or if you think he's lame or just sore? thanks everyone :)

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    I think it would be best to call your vet. its concerning that the lameness is sudden and hes tripping.... best to check sooner rather then later as it could be something more serious.

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    Run cold water over his legs 15 minutes/leg for a couple of days. Other than that give him rest and put him on a hot walker (or just walk him yourself). If it's soreness he needs to work it out slowly. After 2-3 days try him out again. If you see no improvement and he still seems a bit "off" then I'd take him to the vet. Also, if you see it gets worse or you see swelling or he flinches when you touch a spot on his body (legs or back) take him to the vet, he could have done some serious damage. but chances are, if you just worked him a lot the day before, he's just a bit stiff.

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    A year ago my horse also had the same problem. Work your horse some more. If he continues to trot like that after an hour of riding/working him get him checked out because he may have hurt himself. His feet might also just need to be cleaned. And the tripping is not something you need to worry about too much unless he starts tripping more than usual. I hope he gets better soon :)

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    His muscles are probably just sore, depending on how much you ride him he may be tired. Just try maybe wrapping his leg, rinsing it in warm water or putting an ice wrap on. Just keep a lookout, and if you see anything else unusual or if this is continuous, call your vet and have him take a look!

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    He is probably stiff just like you mentioned. Stiff, or sore... either one. But, if he's lame... you would notice something at the walk mainly. he would be very 'limpish.' But, yes. Your best bet would be probably that he is sore or Stiff. just monitor his movement for a couple days, and see where that takes you.

    Good luck!

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