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What will be the next stage in humanoid evolution?

Can humans possibly evolve to be even more advanced? and what will humans be like in 10 million years? and how about in 100 million years? will they look significantly different than today?

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    Perhaps you should google Ray Kurzweil and Frank J.Tipler. We are in control of our own evolution now.

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    Any prediction about natural human evolution in the future would be a kind of prophesy. Prophecies are crap. There is no way to see into the future or to get any information from the future. The ability to get reliable information from the future would be a tool for instant world domination.

    There are a few things we know, and we can speculate how these might develop:

    Cyborgs. We already have these. Not as imagined in the movies, but there are many technically enhanced persons among us: Implanted teeth, implanted knee and hip joints, implanted hearing aids, implanted blood pumps (Dick Cheney has no pulse), implanted pace makers, brain stimulators. This would not count as a part of evolution as the technical parts are not inherited.

    Biohacking. We tried a few things to change the genes of living persons. I know of two disasters and no real success story. We will sometime have the knowledge and the equipment to change our own genes. As long as you do not change the genes in your gonads the changes will not apply to your offspring. Some of us will then use this to also change their gonads so that the changes are inheritable. This can cause all kind of things.

    Right now the humans in the so called first world live in a time of low selective pressure. There is enough food and almost anybody can raise children. Many gene variants survive and thus spread in the population that under harsher conditions would die out. This is not a bad thing. It means that our gene pool get bigger, that we have more variation. Our chance as a species of surviving the next sharp change in selective pressure increases with the variations in our gene pool.

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    there is no such thing as an "advanced" evolution, every individual in a specie is adapted to his environment,

    since the humans can't survive bellow the oceans, can you said that the fishes are more advanced than the humans ?, can you said the opposite ?, of course not, fishes are adapted to survive in their environments while we are for ours.

    Since the human being succeed to cancel (more or less) the environmental pressure on their own by combating sickness, mortality and hostiles environments , it could be that million years for now we won't be much different than now.

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    Evolution is not directed, no-one can predict what form we will take as we evolve. We won't be the same species in a million years time just as we weren't the same species a million years ago. In 100million years, humans as we know them will not exist and our descendants could well be extinct.

    100million years ago our common ancestor with elephants and seals (the afrotheres) was living. That common ancestor was the common ancestor of all the placental mammals (our common ancestor with the marsupials was about 40million years older). If all the mammals we know today are descendants of one group 100million years ago, who is to say what will be around in 100million years time?

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    Human transformation is already in progress. I estimate that within 200 years, we will more machine than biology and our thinking and reasoning capacity will be 1000s of time more powerful than it is today. The human body will likely be synthetic built around nanotechnology fibers that are as strong or stronger tan steel. Currently, we are on the threshold of technological / biological revolution -- many will not survive it.

    See: Robotic Limbs that Plug into the Brain

    Synthetic biology: new engineering rules for ...

    Skinput turns your arm into a touchscreen (w/Video)


    There's more, much more.

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    Perhaps a being advanced enough to know the difference between 'humanoid' and 'hominid'?

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    Unfortunately, humans can expect to go in the OPPOSITE direction since we no longer have natural selection thinning the herd.

    OMG! Our future is full of Lindsay Lohan and Backstreet Boys clones. Watch Idiocracy for details... trailer attached.

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    humans don't evolve

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