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Is my budgie playing?

Here recently I've been trying to teach my budgies to give me kisses. I'll put my lips down to their beaks and wait for them to give me a kiss. And try usually do, and are rewarded with some millet. Well here recently, one of my birds has been angrily biting and pecking me every time I put my hand in the cage. Now when I give him kisses, he does the same quick, jerking pecking motions at my lips. He even bit me, very very lightly, it didn't hurt at all, I only barely noticed it. But I'm wondering if he's pecking and biting, or trying to give me kisses. I'm not sure if I should reward this behavior unless it's a good thing.

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    I personally would not reward any biting, even if he's doing it lightly, especially on the lips for there's tender skin there and he must be reminded of that! If he bites you hard when you put your hand into the cage, he may just do it accidentally to your lips one day, and we don't want that!

    My suggestion is to start with the hand in the cage issue: it could be that he's feeling agitated (maybe because of one of the other birds, who knows?) and taking it out on your hands, then, being in the same state, going for your lips. Try taking some millet in your hand and holding in the cage. It will entice him to come to you of his own free will and he sees he's getting something out of it. It'll also put him into a positive state of mind. Then, when he appears calm, you can try for the kisses again.

    If at any time he wants to bite you hard, give him a quick scolding with your voice as it will snap him out of it. If he tries again, hold your finger above him and say "Hey! No!" or something similar. It may sound harsh, but he must learn that hard biting is not acceptable. He might hurt you if not dealt with. You'll definitely know if he's just playing. ;) Their bites are more like 'butterfly kisses' than actual bites when they mean you no harm, kind of like when they preen each other.

    Hope this helps, and keep trying. ;) He'll soon be back to his old lovable self. <3

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    Hmm... He might be frightened by being put so close to something as big as your head. I'm not saying your head is big though! Just in relation to the bird it is! I'm not exactly sure that this is the case ... but that's what I think could be going on. I wouldn't know how to fix this behavior other than not teach that one. Sorry! HOWEVER my parakeets do this to me too when my hands are sweaty or I just had bird food in my hand, so he might be doing it because your lips taste good. Or he could be giving you affectionate kisses... I would keep trying and if his bites get harder, he may not like giving you kisses.

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    It's biting you.

    Budgie's bites do not hurt at all; even if it trys to hurt you and it may seem very very light.

    Do not reward it for this behaviour, your budgie hates you and it needs to learn.

    He may be bothered because you may be irritating him by constantly trying to force him to d something he does not want to do. I am not saying you are doing this; but some budgies are mean.

    Good luck:)-It's not pecking; it's how budgies bite.

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