how to get rid of cold sores fast!!?

Im using carmex now but the bastard is already kinda spreading, can anyone help me. Is there any chance I can do something today that will make it heal and disappear by tomorrow??

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  • 9 years ago

    as far as i know cold sores take up to 7-10 days to fully heal. I have never had one, and yes they are herpes. But dont be embarrassed by it its a different type of herpes and i actually read that 80% adults 25-80 will get this kind of herpes in their lifetime. They are reoccurring and come during sickness or times of stress. and some people who have this herpes will never experience an outbreak or just have 1 in their lifetime.

    The best way to get rid of them is by strengthening your immune system. makes sense right? weak immune system is what causes them. I have heard taking Lysin supplements help along with lots of vitimin c and of course over the counter herpes medication such as abreva.

    Their is no way to prevent them from coming once they start but you can speed up the heal process with the above factors.

    I'm sorry you cant have it gone in 24 hours i feel for you :( but you can do things to make it shorter than 7-10 days.

    If its really bad you can go to a doctor and get prescribed antibiotics to get rid of them.

    Its a permanent thing, once you have the virus it stays with you for life.

    Be sure to not touch the sore itself and touch other sensitive body areas(eyes, genitals, ears) as it can spread.

    i wish you the best and goodluck!! :D

  • 9 years ago

    Carmex will definitely spread it! Abreva works really well, but it's pretty expensive. ($10-$15 for a small tube) I apply toothpaste when I feel one about to come, and it also really helps dry it out quickly. I hope this helps! :]

    Source(s): Personal experience
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