is THC good by itself?

Like I can shoot up THC and nothing bad can happen

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am a former Medical Marijuana patient. Pure THC is harmful. THC causes tachycardia (racing heart). In marijuana strains, THC induced tachycardia is fatal. THC also causes panic attacks, and memory loss. High doses of THC trigger seizures. Marijuana memory burn is a nasty effect of using marijuana. It is non-reversible memory damage. We need memory to function, to do routine things in life. When some bit of memory is missing it causes spaciness, and can make things funny. Long term spaciness causes clinical psychosis. You are disoriented and can not function. THC causes clinical psychosis. THC causes oocyte implantation failure, causes failure of the uterus to supply blood to the blastocyst, interferes with the female fertility cycle, interferes with spermatogenesis, increases the percent of abnormal sperm, and decreases the ability of a sperm to fertilize an egg. THC by itself, is a very nasty drug.

    The highest percent THC in marijuana that people can enjoy is 19 percent. Most people find that uncomfortable. They have made plants that produce as high as 25 percent THC.

  • i dont think anything bad would happen, but it wouldnt be very fun. weed has a lot more other cannibinoids that contribute to its effects. that why synthetic **** like marinol isnt very fun

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