Is A Legit Shipping Service Provider?

I wanna order Shoes from Nike Store U.S but im from Canada and they don't ship here so... I wanna know if i can Ship from Nike Store U.S to Viaddress, then they can ship it to me... But i don't know if Viaddress is a LEGIT Shipping Service Provider some say it is, others say it's a Scam & don't get there packages sent to them. Does anyone know other Shipping Service Provider's that ships from U.S to Canada? BTW The shoes i wanna order are Size 13 Pimento/White-Black Jordan Fly Wades.

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    9 years ago
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    I can't speak for Viaddress, but was one of the first in the US and has been around since 1997 with over 100,000 customers. You can shop anywhere with a service like this. They even have personal shoppers in case you find a retailer that doesn't accept international credit cards. Shopping problems solved. :) Here's a 15% off discount code for your first shipping purchase with them. Hope this helps!

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