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Why do people like Dragon Ball Z?

Do people like it because they grew up with it. I never grew up with it, but I tried to watch it and it is horrendous. I mean, there's not really a story line at all, just a bunch of fighting. And power is gained so easily in that show, so unrealistic. And what's the deal with people coming back to life and making a bunch of confusing junk, I mean, they could just have a solid story line, and less repetitive fighting. People say it's a classic (for anime), and they like it because they grew up with it. Also, everyone on that show is so overpowered that the show is just lame. I mean, that newer show Avatar has a good story line and nobody is overpowered really. So, why do you like the show (if you do, I mean)?

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    They like it cuz when they say KA-MAY-HA-MAY-HA! they have awesome super powers :)

    Really, I have no clue. I never liked it. I am a diehard Avatar fan tho :)

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    Dragon Ball comes first (Goku is a baby in this one), then DBZ (Goku is an grownup, nonetheless he continues to be mentally a baby), and then GT, wherein Goku's youngsters are grown and have youngsters of their very own (and confident, Goku continues to be around and nevertheless as idiotic). Do your self a desire and don't watch this one. that is worse than a cleansing soap opera, because of the fact each conflict takes twenty episodes, and maximum of them comprise a "he isn't that solid! Wait, he's that solid! yet no, he won't be able to be that solid!" trend wherein another character gets killed off after that's introduced back to existence by potential of Goku. and then we would desire to recap each little thing that's handed off, that's genuinely, quite stressful. That mentioned, the tutor has that is solid factors. that is humorous sufficient at circumstances, and extremely some the characters are spectacular (Vegeta is my favourite). If I have been you, nonetheless, i might watch DBZ and then in all probability GT, skipping DB. the 1st tutor is not any solid in any respect, and you'd be able to make amends for all of it by way of potential of analyzing the wiki get right of entry to for it. something have greater effective animation and greater effective characters besides.

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    i personally love dragon ball z. i have probably watched the whole thing about 5 times, the first being when i was a kid. maybe it is because i grew up with it, but i just find it to be a really good show. ill admit there are alot of lame things (like how half of every episode is just standing around talking) but ill always love that show

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    Because Goku,when he was little until when he have a family,it such an engaging to see him kicking *** and while being the humble heroes.The people that he directly killed in this series is Majin Buu

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    i grew up hating it but now i love it and there is a story line but you'd have to start out with watching regular Dragonball (not DBZ) to get it, i like it because it has a great storyline if you've seen it from dragonball all the way to dragonball GT, its has some funny moments and its epic

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    same with me i really didnt like it at all.

    maybe because like you said they grew up with it and probably was one of the best, but since its like the 21st century its been really dumb.

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    I did grow up with it...

    its a cartoon, anime whatever..its really dumb to "unrealistic"

    I like to see fighting.. so i guess this was a boys thing

    you should stick with your barbies and powerpuff girls

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