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How can I go about changing career? ?

I have a bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering with little to no experience in the field. I am currently a construction manager and would like to work in the field that I received my degrees in or closely related fielde. Can anyone help with some advice? Thanks

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    Electrical engineering is one of the most popular engineering jobs in the United States, as it often leads to some sort of career in the technology industry as electrical engineering often overlaps with computer engineering. There are numerous different jobs available for those with electrical engineering degrees right out of college, and this is expected to continue until at least 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Medical Machine Manufacturing

    Many electronic engineers are hired and work at high levels of companies that design medical machines that are, in turn, sold to hospitals around the country. These engineers calibrate, design and test these machines for effectiveness before they are sold, as there is a lot of money at stake, as well as the difference between life and death in some cases if these machines work or fail. Different medical machines are regularly being created or old machines are being upgraded, so there is no shortage of work for electrical engineers in this type of job. However, this is a very specified type of electrical engineering job that works with devices and equipment that isn't used for any other purpose, so some special training is often required.

    Electronics Company Jobs

    Electric companies often hire electrical engineers to work with them in running electrical lines to new areas of a county, state or landmass. As high-speed Internet is being installed around the country, electric, telephone and cable companies need electrical engineers to help them efficiently and inexpensively install the equipment. Electrical engineers work with these communications companies in replacing old electrical and telephone lines as well in major urban areas figuring out ways to install new systems and uninstall the existing systems without costing their company a large amount of money and disturbing the public.

    Technology Jobs

    As new advanced types of electronics and technology are developed every year, electrical engineers are regularly hired to work in the technology industry, learning how to create and wire small devices people can use in their everyday lives. Many electrical engineers work for computer companies or other major companies that design and manufacture electronics that are then sold in bulk to the public. Electrical engineers can also be hired by technology companies that are creating new ways to use old devices like electric engines on cars, wind turbines to generate electricity or small high-definition video cameras that can fit in people's pockets.

    Electric Engineering

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