Accidentally deleted this awesome app and I forgot it's name! 10 POINTS! :D?

Hey guys so there was this awesome app on my mac that I had downloaded and I accidentally deleted it yesterday but for some strange reason i can't remember what it was called.. :/ So it's an app that you can use to put windows equally in halves (if they're 2) or quarters (if 4) when you drag them to sides/corners of the screen. If you drag it to the top, it expands this rectangle making sure you want to expand it fully. It's NOT sticky windows and i think the logo was pink-ish. Oh and you would find it in your System Preferences at the bottom under the category Other with Growl and DivX etc. 10 POINTS FOR THE PERSON WHO REMINDS ME. Thank you all in advance. ;)


Sorry if there's some confusion. I downloaded it months ago, I deleted it yesterday and I can't find it in my history.

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  • 9 years ago
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    u said that u downloaded it yesterday then put it on history and u will find it

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