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Should I watch Black Swan?

So, I was at a friends house earlier, and we were gonna watch it, but someone had to go, so we didn't start it, but I'm not sure I wanna see it, I do but I don't. So, I want to know it's content I guess.

I know there is a lesbian scene or two. But yeah and someone cuts herself?


Also, I'm 13, and I'm sort of ok with dark stuff, but I am creeped out easily and I hate blood.

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    Black Swan is an MA15 + movie, and it is for a reason. I'm 17, and really enjoyed it, but its a very different movie, and is not about a ballerina in a way that some people though it would be. The movie itself is classed as a 'physcological thriller', and the main girl (played by natalie portman), is mentally ill, and does cut herself without realising. There are many twists and turns within the movie, and alot will probably make you feel pretty uncomfortable at first. Even after the movie ended, some people didn't know if they liked it or not, or even understood some of the scenes. There is for example a particular scene in a hospital which happens that there is no explanation to later on and the scene has a dead end almost and is quite pointless. You don't even know what really happens because its just so random, while also involving physical violence and blood. I'm not one really for lesbian scenes though either, and that was a little disturbing. Especially because I watched it in a movie theatre. If you are not really okay with dark stuff, and don't like blood, this i probably not a good recommendation for you. There is a scene near the ending where a lot of blood is shown, and its pretty gross. Its not a scary movie that won't let you sleep, just quite disturbing. Because its MA15+, I'd probably wait till your a little older for it.

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    It's a great movie, but yes, the content is a bit dark.

    Hmm. I'd say if you're older than fifteen/sixteen or so, then sure.

    Personally, I would have been too innocent/sensitive when I was any younger. You may be different. It depends on the person and his/her maturity level.

    Go with your gut instinct. :)

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    I wouldn't not watch it because of a lesbian scene or a cutting scene. It's not gross, it's not scary. I thought it kinda sucked but whatever. (And yes, ask him out.)

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