what sims 2 game pc can you become a.....?

a vampire,werewolf,robot,plant,and a alien? if there isn't any how about the one with the most of the listed one? i really want to be a vampire so that has to be included :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    vampire: night life

    werewolf: pets

    robot: you can't become a robot, but you can have a Servo in Open for Business. they are pretty much a playable robot :)

    plant: seasons

    alien: all of them. you just have to get abducted by aliens/ use a cheat and then your baby will be an alien :)

    also, you can turn into a witch with apartment life :)

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    9 years ago

    Vampire - Nightlight

    Werewolf - Pets

    Robot - Open for Business

    Plant - Seasons

    Alien - All (as in on the sims 2 original expansion pack). Although you are more likely to become an alien when you have the sims 2 'free time', and by looking through the big telescope, you can look at constellations, planets and then search for aliens once your interest in science grows. This is all explained throughout the game.

    To become a vampire, as you really want, then buy nightlife. Its a really good expansion pack, and allows your sims to leave the house and go dating like the original 'sims 1 hot date', and to create new downtown places for your sims by yourself. You can also buy clothes, go bowling, and dance at clubs. To become a vampire you need to become good friends with a vampire that you will meet downtown. The 'contessas' are the girls and the 'counts' are the boys. you can move them into your house of course later on, and another vampire will simply be automatically replaced via the computer to live downtown. This is the same if you marry a maid/gardener, etc to your house, and another maid is automatically made to replace them. They vampires however aren't always downtown, but if you find them, it will only be at night. Just talk with them and interact like normal. They are easy to spot, and this is what they look like:


    They also often have their arm in their mouth, and will make grunting noises. Once you are friends you have their number just like normal sims and can call them up and invite them. However they will never come out in the day and will tell you anyways if you call them. When you have a high relationship with them, ask them to bite you and you become a vampire. You have to sleep in a coffin however in the day. To stop the spell you have to buy a specific potion from the matchmaking service lady, found in the phone book =) good luck! Hope I explained it all well for you. If not, theres heaps of info online and on youtube :D

    Source(s): Played sims 2 for years and years
  • Ms V-
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    9 years ago

    Night Life - Vampire

    Pets - Werewolf

    Plant Sim - Seasons

    You can create robots with Open For Business and have children with alien with just the base game but you can't turn into either.

  • 9 years ago

    For sure nightlife has the vampires, there so much fun to play with!

    Werewofl and the plant thingy I dont know lol

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