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Do you really think Sam Stosur would have gotten the ball back that Serena screamed on?

Stosur didn't even come close to protesting, and I doubt it effected her play.

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    No. But that's not the point. The point is there is a rule which says if you call out in the middle of a rally, you hinder the opponent and therefore lose the point. It doesn't take into consideration whether the opponent was in a position to return the ball or not. So the fact that Serena didn't know that rule is her fault. The chair umpire acted in accordance with the rules and awarded Stouser the point. End of story. Besides, even Serena herself admitted that ONE winner didn't affect the outcome of the match. Unlike a few years ago in the Clijsters match, that one point didn't decide the outcome of the match. Stouser outplayed her from start to finish and therefore deserved to win!

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    No Sam would not have gotten the ball but even so Serena needed to keep her mouth shut. You don't yell stuff out while a ball is in play and Serena knows that. She's just used to being coddled and spoiled and thinks she can do as she pleases. I hope her tennis days are over soon.

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    Hell yeah. She even slowed up a little after Serena yelled due to it surprising her yet she was still able to get her racquet on it. But Serena being the overbearing, rude, bully that she is felt that she could do whatever she wanted .... and she got penalized for it. Hell yeah.

    Congrats to a true lady and a true Champion...Sam Stosur of Australia.

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    The way Sam was playing today, and the fact that she was right there to return, do you expect people to believe that she had no chance of returning it?? Get real.

    The scream/shout was startling. It was out of place. And it did what Serena intended it to do: it broke Sam's concentration on the point.

    One of the worst moments in a sport of ladies and gentlemen. Completely inappropriate.

    Serena has pushed her attitude to far now. Worse than that, she's dishonest. If she wants to say/do inappropriate things on the court, she should at least have the integrity and courage to admit what she did.

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    Well I guess we will never know now will we? In my opinion the best player of the day won the tournament. A job extraordinarily while done in a totally biased crowd in New York city, on Sept.11th. Excellent job Samatha Stosur, all done with class and dignity. I fine and deserving champion indeed!

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    No, she wouldn't...but it doesn't matter. It was definitely hindrance and Williams lost because 1) Stosur was playing superior tennis and 2) lost all chance of a comeback by losing her composure in a petulant display. Sam deserved to win, regardless.

  • No, but that doesn't matter. Serena shouldn't have screamed during the middle of the point.

    It's much like when there is an incorrect call, and the player got there racquet on the ball called out, but had no way of playing it, and they re-do the point. You just never know...You can't assume


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    No, but that doesn't matter. Serena shouldn't have screamed during the middle of the point.

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    The benefits of patience.

    Expect the unexpected.

    Don't show surprise to your opponent.

    Straight out of that Tzao book, or was it Tan? Anyhoo I know it certainly wasn't 'Tikki tikki tembo no serembo charry barry richi pip.' ☺☺

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