How To Get Your License Back After Child Support Suspension?

My Boyfriend got his license suspended for not making child support payments on time (it is all back due money, the child is now an adult)

He is soon to be released from jail for non-payment of child support, the courts & him worked out a payment plan that we can do, $100 month, until he he will never be able to pay it all off ($88,000 @ 9% interest)

I'd like to know is there anyway he can get his license back after making a few on time payments or does he have to pay the whole $88,000 to get it back (in that case he's S.O.L.) or what can we do to get his license back?

We live in Upstate New York.

Oh just so you all don't think he's a dead beat he still sees his Son, who is now an adult & the reason he wasn't able to pay was due to being jobless & homeless, now he's okay & just trying to play catch up. So all in all he's a good Father, just a mighty broke one.

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